Links East and West Kowloon Relieves Traffic Congestion on the Major East-West Corridors Saves Up To 25 Minutes of Journey Time
Links East and West Kowloon Relieves Traffic Congestion Saves Journey Time
連接九龍東西 紓緩九龍主要道路的交通擠塞 最多可節省25分鐘車程
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About Central Kowloon Route

Central Kowloon Route (CKR) is a 4.7 km-long, dual 3-lane trunk road linking Yau Ma Tei Interchange in West Kowloon and the road network at Kai Tak Development Area and Kowloon Bay in East Kowloon, forming a trunk route through Central Kowloon. CKR will provide an alternative express route to relieve the traffic congestion on the major east-west corridors in Kowloon. In conjunction with CKR construction , we will also improve the environment of the local community by providing greening and landscape, re-provisioning of public facilities and preserving cultural heritage. Various environmental measures are also adopted during the construction period.



Journey Time

Between West Kowloon and Kowloon Bay

CKR will provide an alternative express route for vehicles bypassing the congested road network, thus significantly reducing the journey time. Upon commissioning, the journey time between West Kowloon and Kowloon Bay will take around 5 minutes, representing a reduction of about 25 minutes compared to that without CKR. CKR will also substantially reduce traffic volumes along the major east-west corridors in Kowloon, thus relieving traffic congestion. The improved traffic conditions will also benefit areas adjacent to CKR, including Wong Tai Sin, Ho Man Tin and Kowloon City, etc.





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Greenery Coverage

Approximately 22,000m2 landscaped deck
Approximately 160m-long and 40m-wide waterfront promenade

Air Quality

Remove at least 80% Respirable Suspended Particulates & NO2

Noise Mitigation

Approximately 550m of full noise enclosures
Tunnel helps reducing the noise nuisances caused by vehicles on surface roads
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