Central Kowloon Route (“CKR”) is a dual three-lane carriageway with a total length of about 4.7km, linking Yau Ma Tei Interchange of West Kowloon with Kai Tak Development Area and road network of Kowloon Bay, forming a trunk road across central Kowloon.

Construction of depressed road and elevated road connecting to existing / future road network at Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon Bay and Kai Tak

Administration building, ventilation buildings and facilities for the management and operation of the tunnel

Associated with environmental, civil, marine, landscape, public utility, drainage, fire services, electrical and mechanical (E&M) works, reprovisioning works, etc.

The main construction works of the Central Kowloon Route are anticipated to be completed in 2025


Funding approval for CKR was obtained from the Finance Committee (FC) in 2017. The estimated project cost is about HK$42 billion. The CKR is being constructed under eight contracts with the following details:

Yau Ma Tei West
Yau Ma Tei East
Central Tunnel
Ho Man Tin Access Shaft (Completed)
Kai Tak West
Kai Tak East
Buildings, Electrical and Mechanical Works
Remaining Works (Under planning)
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