Construction Progress

Upon funding approval obtained from the Finance Committee(FC) in 2017, the construction works began in December 2017, and the Central Kowloon Route is anticipated to commission in 2025.

Construction Stage
1 Ventilation adit and excavation of depressed road at Yau Cheung Road works site are under construction.
2 Piling works for landscaped deck at Hoi Wang Road works site and bridge deck construction for the connection bridges to the road network at Lin Cheung Road works site are in progress.
1 Construction of cut-and-cover tunnel and bridge piers for the reprovisioned Gascoigne Road Flyover.
2 Demolition of Yau Ma Tei Carpark Building is in progress.
1 Drill and blast works at Yau Ma Tei access shaft works sites are in progress
2 Drill and blast works at Ho Man Tin access shaft works sites are in progress
3 Drill and blast works at Ma Tau Kok access shaft works sites are in progress
1 Ho Man Tin Access Shaft – Completed
1 Ma Tau Kok – Installation of pipe piles for cut-and-cover tunnel is in progress.
2 Kowloon Bay – Substantially completion of Stage 1 underwater tunnel construction works.
3 Kai Tak – Construction of cut-and-cover tunnel, depressed road and underpass are in progress.
1 Kai Tak River works site – Installation of temporary working platform for construction of vehicular bridges across Kai Tak River is in progress.
2 Kai Tak Interchange works site – Bored piling works for vehicular bridges and construction of the underpasses are in progress.
1 Installation of pipe piles and construction of pre-bored socket H-piles at Yau Ma Tei Ventilation Building works site are in progress.
2 Works at Ho Man Tin Ventilation Building are anticipated to be commenced in the 4th quarter of 2022.
3 Pipe piles and sheet piles installation works at Kai Tak Ventilation Building and Administration building works site are in progress, drainage works and construction of pre-bored socketed H-piles commenced.
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