Central Kowloon Route @ Construction Innovation Expo 2022

Smart Site Management Hub (SSMH)

  • 6–in-1 to provide holistic overview and enhance site management
  • Closely monitor site daily operation and performance
  • Real-time incident report and handling
  • Automatic alert to avoid accidents

Integrated Digital Works Supervision System (iDWSS)

  • Web-based centralised portal
  • Integrate data from different CKR contracts
  • View dashboard and reports anytime, anywhere
  • Strengthen works supervision
  • Enhance safety, efficiency and quality performance

Smart Over-Height Vehicle Detection System (OVDS)

  • Detect over-height vehicles, avoid them hitting the temporary portal frame for bridge construction
  • Automatic text message to alert construction team
  • Display vehicle registration mark and warning message

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • Adopt 4D construction method to simulate the actual working conditions and safety measures etc.
  • For constructability review to reduce abortive works and potential risks

Skidding Mega Trusses

  • Application of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)
  • Assemble, transport and install truss struts by skidding system
  • Reduce on-site assemble works
  • Minimise workers’ works over water and at-height

Early Rain/Tide Alert System

  • Alert system integrated with Smart Site Management Hub (SSMH) and smart helmets
  • Allow prompt evacuation before extreme weather

Central Tunnel – Smart Initiatives

Central Tunnel – Smart Initiatives

Wi-Fi Backbone Network

  • Extend Wi-Fi network coverage to underground tunnel
  • Maintain seamless communication between underground and surface operations

Automatic Canopy Installation System

  • Remote controlled safe canopy pipes connection
  • Minimise the risk of finger and palm injuries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Camera on Tunnel Wheeled Vehicles

  • Anti-collision system and set detection zone
  • Audible alarm and flashing signal

Next Generation of Tunnel Lining Shutter

  • Remote hydraulic-controlled metal formwork
  • Faster cycle and less manpower requirement

Asset Management System

  • Access the record of lifting gears anytime and anywhere with QR code

Worker Management System

  • Track workers’ location with smart helmets
  • Optimise workforce deployment and facilitate rescue operation
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