Reprovisioning of Facilities


A section of the CKR tunnel of about 400m in length will be constructed at the section of Kansu Street between Hoi Wang Road and Nathan Road. Several public facilities along the tunnel alignment will need to be reprovisioned to facilitate the construction works. Preliminary reprovisioning arrangements were formulated at the investigation and preliminary design stage. These arrangements have been widely discussed by the public in the activities in the two phases of public engagement exercise between November 2007 to July 2009 and between December 2012 to March 2013 respectively. We have enhanced the reprovisioning arrangements taking into account the public views and the public generally support the enhanced proposals.

Location Plan of Reprovisioning of Public Facilities
  • Yau Ma Tei Multi-storey Carpark (YMTMCP)

    Subject to the construction programme,YMTMCP will be demolished about three years after the commencement of the works. The offices of Social Welfare Department, Lands Department and Transport Department inside the building will be reprovisioned in the West Kowloon Government Offices.

    The Yau Ma Tei (YMT) Public Library in YMTMCP will be temporarily relocated to the rest area at the south of Henry G. Leong Yau Ma Tei Community Centre, accommodated in the same temporary building with the YMT Jade Hawker Bazaar (JHB). Upon completion of the works, the YMT Public Library will be relocated inside a new building to be constructed on the original site of the YMTMCP.

    Yau Ma Tei Public Library Yau Ma Tei Multi-Storey Car Park Building
  • Jade Hawker Bazaar (JHB)

    The JHB will be demolished during the construction of the CKR. In January 2013, we had a focus group meeting with operators of the JHB. At that time, operators of JHB requested that the two existing bazaars should be re-provisioned on a single temporary site. Therefore, the two bazaars will be temporarily relocated to the rest area at the south of Henry G. Leong Yau Ma Tei Community Centre and accommodated in the same temporary building with the YMT Public Library.

    For permanent re-provisioning, the JHB will be re-provisioned at its original location according to the proposal mentioned in the PE Digest. There are also views supporting permanent re-provisioning of the JHB at a single location. We will liaise with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Planning Department and the relevant stakeholders on permanent reprovisioning of the JHB.

    Jade Hawker Bazaar
  • Yau Ma Tei Police Station

    The tunnel of the CKR will pass underneath part of the new wing, kitchen, laundry and carpark of the YMT Police Station (PS). Both the old wing and new wing of the existing YMTPS can be preserved while the existing kitchen, laundry and carport will be demolished. The existing YMTPS will be occupied as works site when CKR construction works are in progress. To ensure that the existing services of the police station are maintained during construction, the police station has already been relocated to a new YMTPS at Yau Cheung Road. Besides, the operation of the Police Reporting Centre in the YMTPS will be maintained.

    Yau Ma Tei Police Station
  • Yaumatei Specialist Clinic Extension

    Subject to the construction programme,Yaumatei Specialist Clinic Extension (YMTSCE) will be demolished about two years after the commencement of the works. The facilities of Department of Health within YMTSCE including the Dermatological Clinic and the Methadone Clinic will be reprovisioned in the adjacent Yau Ma Tei Jockey Club Polyclinic. The Maternal and Child Health Centre will be temporarily reprovisioned in a temporary building at Yau Cheung Road in Yau Ma Tei. Food and Health Bureau and Department of Health plan to permanently reprovide the Maternal and Child Health Centre within the proposed Community Health Centre at the ex-Mong Kok Market site.

    The facilities of Hospital Authority within the Yaumatei Specialist Clinic, namely Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Clinic (including Speech Therapy and Audiology services), Child Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Child Psychiatric Day Hospital, Renal Dialysis Centre and Geriatric Day Hospital (including Community Geriatric Assessment service) have all been reprovisioned in the new building in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in March 2017.

    Yau Ma Tei Specialist Clinic Extension
  • Recreational Facilities

    The rest areas, playground and basketball court at Kansu Street, Shanghai Street and Public Square Street will be temporarily closed during the construction period. These recreational facilities will not be reprovisioned during the construction period because of limited space. However, there are other recreational facilities nearby for the enjoyment of the public.

    Yau Ma Tei Specialist Clinic Extension Shanghai Street/ Market Street Rest Garden and Basketball Court Temple Street/ Kansu Street Rest Garden